For Post Ayahuasca Ceremony

Each ceremony will be unique, and as such what you will need will vary on a very individual basis. The following is a general recommendation to both safely come out of and optimize the benefits of your ayahuasca ceremony.

Your Body

Physically Ayahuasca, if given time and the right tools, it will continue to work within you for many weeks/months after the ceremony. It is often misunderstood, but the deep work that happens will happen to you after the ceremony. For some people, the ceremonies will be intense and exhausting. Listen to your body, and plan to take it easy for a day or two after the ceremony. It is also ideal and highly recommended that you continue to eat clean for the next couple of days. As you are aware Ayahuasca is also a strong liver cleanse so you will want any foods or substances that will strain your liver. In general, after the ceremony, you will likely feel a new high on life as your system is flooded with serotonin and dopamine. Just be aware that this is part of the process, and that you should be careful about making major decisions, and it is also a reason to continue to avoid intimacy for a few days if not a few weeks.

Your Mind & Spirit

As you developed a practice before the ceremony, you should also continue it afterward. Whether or not you were given insights, direction, a message, a feeling, or perhaps nothing you are aware of. Be sure to create the space to explore, be present, and listen as sometimes it can take weeks or even months for the changes to be processed, and for you to evolve to the next level of your life. And in some cases, nothing will happen. Remember, for some people, one ceremony is all they need. For others, it can be 100 ceremonies over a decade. Everyone is different, and just be open and listen, and as always be careful.